Nautical insurances

Specialized insurance coverage for commercial and private skippers, yachts, and other.

Different insurances for different risks

Be always appropriately insured with YACHT-POOL.

Individual solutions

We are flexible and always try to find individual solutions.


We assist you with your claim.

Our nautical insurance products:

private skipper insurance

regatta class insurance

commercial skipper insurance

sailing school insurance

yacht insurance

jetski insurance


Experience, reliability and excellent value for money have made us one of the leading insurance agencies for skipper and yacht insurance. Our skipper insurance for private use, skipper insurance for commercial skippers, jetski insurance, yacht insurance and sailing school 3rd party liability insurance are highly valued by our customers. Our customer service, high availability and well-designed insurances make your trips safer and more enjoyable. Use our experience of over 40 years in yachting and over 30 years in skipper insurance to your advantage.

We offer the following skipper insurances

skipper insurance for private use:

skippers third party liability insurance

skippers accident insurance skippers

deposit insurance skippers consequential

insurance charter cancellation insurance

skipper insurance for commercial use:

pro skipper’s third party liability

insurance pro skipper’s accident

insurance pro skipper’s deposit insurance

pro skipper’s consequential insurance

Please note that the insurance coverage (terms and conditions) and pricing can differ depending on your country of residence. We calculate the premium according to your location, the risk and taxes. Payment is possible via credit card or paypal. The insurance coverage is always valid throughout a calendar year. That means that the insurance coverage ceases always on December 31st of each year. If you charter a yacht between October1st and December 31st, your insurance coverage will be prolonged to the next year. In such case, the premium can change a little. If you have any particular needs, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to find a solution for you.

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