Sailing school third party liability insurance


General liability insurance for sailing schools

Accidental damage to people or to property can happen very quickly. Third party liability insurance protects your sailing school from claims from a third party and provides defense you against unjustified claims.


Property insurance

Damage to physical assets of the sailing school can be covered. Your fleet can be insured separately with our commercial yacht insurance.


Yacht insurance

With one trustworthy partner, claim adjustment is much faster and easier. Our insurance product may be completed with a commercial yacht insurance.

Operating a successful sailing school entails keeping your students, staff, and assets safe. It also means securing your finances and managing liability with boat insurance for your academy. Your sailing school receives coverage that spans across a multitude of watercrafts and situations.

Whether your school operates from a beach, a marina, or public ramp, be assured that our coverage keeps you on course.

Third party liability insurance for sailing schools

A sailing school can adjust YACHT-POOL third party liability insurance to meet its needs. Our module-system offers a tailor-made insurance coverage that suits the individual needs of every sailing school. We offer modules for all areas of activity carried out at a watersports school: education by the sailing instructor + rent/charter of sailing/motorboats, catamarans, windsurfing, and kitesurfing.

Following modules are available individually:

  • Third-party insurance for self-employed staff and freelancers (optional)
  • Personal liability of students
  • Liability insurance for events, excursions
  • Cover in EU waters for sailing trips
  • Non-EU sailing schools are insured in EU waters and the waters mentioned in the policy.
  • All sailing schools can be insured except for those based in USA and Canada.
  • Not insured: towing on the water (waterskiing, banana boat, tube, etc.)

We’ll be happy to provide you with an individually prepared quotation.

Property Insurance

In case of breaking into your boathouse or your office, tools, outboard engines and most of your school equipment may be stolen.

Insured items
windsurfing and kitesurfing equipment, rescue boats, sails/rigs, wet- and drysuits, training material, tools, office and store fixtures and fittings, computers etc.

Insured risks
Fire, lightning, explosion, force majeure, storm and hail, transport accident, burglary, theft of equipment ashore and on the water

Storage can be also insured
Building with solid walls and a solid roof, steel container, steel cage with solid steel bars/rods.
The content of the cage must be protected from view.

No claims bonus, deductible
With a no claims bonus of up to 40% (after 5 years) and varying levels of deductible, you can reduce the premium payable, limiting your insurance protection to major risks.Why are boats not insured?

For commercial yachts, we offer an all risk hull insurance.

Please note: This information only provides examples of the main points of our insurance coverage, which is subject to various general and specific terms and conditions. You may obtain these terms and conditions from YACHT-POOL. We will always include these terms and conditions in any offer or policy we send you.

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