Skipper deposit insurance


Insurance also valid for dinghy

Insured is partial or total retainment of the charter deposit by the charterer due to a loss or a damage to the yacht chartered caused by the skipper or his crew due to negligence.

Sum insured up to € 10.000,-

Charter deposits are growing. In the Carribean or in Asia, the deposit can go up to € 10.000,-. We can insure this, too.

Insurance valid worldwide

Our insurance is valid all around the world. It does not matter if it is inland waters or the ocean you are sailing.
Why is charter deposit insurance worth having?

Every experienced skipper knows how quickly the harmony within his crew can be shattered if someone causes some damage which all on board are asked to help pay for. Even though the crew may have begun the trip harmoniously, suddenly they are at loggerheads over the question why everyone should have to pay for damage which only one of them has caused. Eventually, the responsibility usually falls on the skipper himself, since he is in charge of the vessel.

Inevitably, this has led to skippers with a strong sense of responsibility calling increasingly for an insurance policy to cover this personal risk. In case of non-commercial skippers, skipper insurance deposit insurance applies not just to a specific charter trip, but it provides unlimited cover throughout a whole year worldwide!

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