Proskipper deposit insurance


Insurance valid also for dinghy

Insured is the partial or total retainment of the charter deposit by the charterer, due to a loss or a damage to the chartered yacht, caused negligently by the skipper or his crew.

Insured sum up to € 10.000,-

The deposits for boats are on a rise. In the Caribbean or in Asia, the deposit can go up to € 10.000,-. But we can insure this, too.

Worldwide cover

Our insurance is valid all around the world. It does not matter if it is inland waters or the ocean you are sailing.

What are the benefits of a charter deposit insurance?

As long as there is no damage, the crew works together in harmony. Yet, sometimes, one damage is enough to ruin the whole atmosphere and turn friends into enemies. The bigger the expense, the smaller the solidarity of the crewmembers. Nobody likes paying for others’ mistakes, so it’s usually the skipper who has to take responsibility for the damages himself, as the person in charge of the vessel.

This has led skippers with a strong sense of responsibility to request an insurance which covers the loss of charter deposit.

Other Skipper Insurances

For professional skippers, we also have other insurance products which provide them with a wide scope of protection.

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