Proskipper Third Party Liability Insurance


Insured sup up to € 10.000.000,-

We offer insurance coverage from € 100.000,- up to a total of € 10.000.000,-.

Gross negligence is covered

We insure damages occurred due to gross negligence up to € 500.000,- , depending on the offer.

Defense against unjustified claims

You are not only insured against justified claims, but we also protect you in case of unjustified claims.

Proskipper third party liability insurance covers the statutory liability of the policy holder in his capacity as a charteree and operator of a yacht – anywhere in the world.

Why is skipper’s liability insurance is so important? Please find in the following text.

What is a pro skipper third party liability insurance?

The proskipper third party liability insurance covers the third party liability of a skipper who earns money on his or her trips.

If you charter a boat for your own pleasure, please change to Skipper insurance for private skippers.

Why do I need a proskipper third party liability insurance ?

A responsible skipper who charters boats and sails with other people for business or as an instructor needs a proskipper third party liability insurance. The reasons are:

  • Your personal liability is always unrestricted. You are generally personally liable for any damages or injuries you cause to other people or their property, to the extent of all your present and future assets.
  • Your private liability insurance does not cover liability claims for damages you may cause as a skipper. And sailing involves a lot of risks.
  • As a skipper, you may also be held liable for the accidents that occur to your crew.
  • Privately agreed exclusions of liability for damages caused to your crew or third parties (e.g. social insurer of the injured party) may not always be valid.
  • You can‘t be sure to what extent someone else‘s vessel has actually been insured.
    Very often the sum insured is limited to the value of the ship, which may not be enough. Often only specific types of losses are covered, such as collision damage, etc. Normally, you are not aware of all the restrictions and exclusions.
  • You don‘t know whether the premiums were paid on time. If they weren’t, the insurer may be released from providing benefits and you effectively have no insurance coverage at all!
  • Vessels sailing under a foreign flag are usually insured under foreign terms and conditions, provided in the language of the given country. Thus, it is practically impossible for you to evaluate the actual scope of insurance coverage.
  • No other liability insurance we know covers the liability claim of a yacht owner for damages occurred due to the „gross negligence“ of the skipper who chartered the boat. We cover that risk up to € 100.000,- . What is gross negligence? Gross negligence is not clarified by law. It is a legal concept which means serious carelessness. Negligence is the opposite of diligence or being careful. The standard of ordinary negligence is the conduct expected of a reasonable person. By analogy, if someone has been grossly negligent, it means that s/he fallen very much below the standard of care that skipper is expected to meet. It is the court who eventually decides if the negligence was “gross”.
  • Skipper third liability insurance offers an insured sum of minimum (normally) € 5.000.000,-, (up to € 10.000.000,-, depending on the option you apply for).
Is it valid for skippers without a commercial endorsement?

If skipper is working as an instructor or trainer, the commercial endorsement is needed if it is required by the law of the country he works in. In any other cases, the skipper needs insurer’s consent (in the policy).

What is the insurance period?
The insurance cover begins and ends as written in policy (and application form). It may vary in relation to the citizenship of the insured.
How much does it cost?

We have different prices depending on the boat type, insurance term, insured sum and experience of the skipper.
The prices start from € 349,-.  For more details, see our application form. We also can insure you with a € 10.000.000,- insurance sum.

How much is the deductible per damage?

In personal damages and property damages to third parties caused by the skipper, the deductible is € 150 each damage.

In damages caused to the chartered boat by gross negligence, the deductible is minimum € 2550,-, up to the amount of the deposit.

Are there any exclusions?

The full list of exclusions may be found in our terms and conditions. The most important are:

  • damages to engines are not covered
  • misuse of alcohol and drugs
  • liability claims of the policyholder against his crew/guests are not covered (but damages caused to the crew by the skipper are)
  • any damages to the yacht chartered are only covered in case of gross negligence, but not common negligence
  • other claims by third parties due to slight negligence are also covered

For more details, please ask for the terms and conditions.

How do I get the insurance?

In order to be provided with coverage, you need to send us an application form from our homepage or from our partner’s with your nautical CV attached to it. After getting your application form, we will inform you if you were eligible for insurance on the basis of your nautical CV and send you the invoice by email. You will receive the policy only once the invoice is paid for.

Other procedures are possible and agreed with our partners.

How do I make the payment?

Just transfer required amount to our account. We also give the possibility to pay through Paypal, but in this case, we have to charge an administration fee of generally 10 % of the premium. Other payment options are being prepared and will be announced soon.

How do I make a claim?
Inform us as soon as possible about your damage. The exact procedure can be found in our documents.
Do I need other insurances?

With the professional skipper liability insurance, you have a good basis. But we also have other special insurances for
professional skippers.  For instance, to your TPL insurance, you can add an accident insurance, a deposit insurance or charter consequential insurance.

The accident insurance covers disability, rescue, and death only for the skipper.
You can choose the desired option from many insurance sums. The premium depends on the chosen options.

The deposit insurance covers the loss of charter deposit due to material damage to the yacht occurred as a result of slight negligence. This insurance is valid for each charter (or until crew change), up to 3 weeks.

The charter consequential insurance protects the skipper against claims of the charter company for its financial loss if
the skipper damaged the yacht so badly that it cannot be used for the next charter trip. The insurance sum is € 20.000,-.

Please contact us or browse our homepage for more information: ( UK flag).

Legal protection can’t be offered at the moment. We apologize for any inconvenience.

What are the requirements for the skipper to be eligible for the insurance?

In order to be eligible for the insurance, the skipper needs minimum an RYA coastal skipper certificate (or similar) and at least 1000 nautical miles of experience as a skipper.

If you do not match these requirements, please contact us. We will try to find a solution for your insurance cover.

Other Proskipper Insurances

For professional skippers, we also have other insurance products which provide them with a wide scope of protection.

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Go directly to the application form.

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