Proskipper accident insurance



Insure yourself against disability up to € 800.000,-.


Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. We insure death of the skipper with € 20.000,-

Rescue costs

Skipper rescue costs are covered up to € 60.000,-.
What are the benefits of Professional Skipper Accident Insurance?

  • A serious accident may ruin the financial situation of a whole family, so it’s important to have an insurance that will cover the extra expenses arising from treatment.
  • Our insurance covers personal damages due to accident resulting in permanent or temporary disability, in accordance with terms and conditions.
  • Our personal accident insurance provides cover in case of skipper’s death and pays for rescue costs, even if the skipper asked for assistance when his life was threatened to avoid a possible personal damage.
  • Contrary to our insurance, other personal accident policies may not provide cover for damages occurred during water sports such as offshore sailing. We accept this risk.
  • For a very affordable premium, we offer extremely high insured sums, which in case of a severe accident are a blessing.



Insurance valid for professional skippers only. The crew have to purchase a separate insurance.

Other Skipper Insurances

For professional skippers, we also have other insurance products which provide them with a wide scope of protection.

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Proskipper charter loss insurance

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