Proskipper insurance for commercial skippers

Special insurance cover

A skipper who earns money runs a financial risk, which should be covered. To satisfy this need, we developed special insurance products for professional skippers based on our years of experience .


Pro skipper third party liability insurance is a subsidiary insurance product that protects you against claims arising from damages you make to third parties, including damages to the chartered boat occurred due to gross negligence. As hull insurance of the yacht does not cover gross negligence at all, this is a key point.
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Pro skipper accident insurance If you have accident yourself and suffer an injury, the pro skipper accident insurance pays for disability. Bone fractures, however, are not covered because bones heal. Insured is the permanent loss of an organ according to the terms and conditions. We also include death and rescue of people.
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Pro skipper deposit insurance insures you against the loss of charter deposit.
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Pro skipper charter loss insurance If the damage you made to the chartered boat cannot be fixed before the next charter trip begins, and therefore the charter company has to cancel somebody’s trip, you are liable for this financial loss. This risk can be insured with us.
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Important: Only the risks you run as a professional skipper are covered. If your guests need insurance coverage, they have to contract it separately. We also provide insurance products for crews.


For skippers with professional crews, we also offer the so-called P&I Insurance.
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