Motor boat and sailing yacht insurance


Allrisk cover!

Everything that is not excluded from cover, is insured.


No deductible

In case of total loss, no deductible is applied.


Fixed insured sum

You get the agreed value of the boat in case of total loss.

What are the benefits of YACHT-POOL motor boat and sailing yacht insurance?

Our insurance solutions for sailing yacht and motorboat owners include cover for:

  • Your yacht and associated property and your legal liabilities as the owner
  • Personal Accident cover for you and your guests/unpaid crew
  • Your legal liability to third parties.

Since 1976, YACHT-POOL offers an All Risk cover for your yacht’s hull and machinery. All risk means that everything that is not excluded in the terms and conditions is insured. This has two big advantages:

  • In contrast to named risks (where only the mentioned risks are covered), we insure everything (with some exclusions). Named risks cover has a fatal flow – such terms and conditions can’t possibly mention everything that can happen. And if such document existed, it would be a compendium. Life is unpredictable, so it’s safer to choose allrisk.
  • With all risk cover, it’s the insurer who must prove the claim is not legitimate. In case of a named risk cover, it’s the customer. It’s a small difference with a huge impact.

Additional benefits of YACHT-POOL all risk cover (hull insurance) include:

  • Cover for damages being a direct result of a part failing due to wear and tear, latent defect, corrosion of any kind or rot is included as standard.  Excluded is only the cost of repairing or replacing the failed part itself.
  • The option to “buy-back” full New for Old settlement of your claim.
  • No deductible in case of a total loss.
  • Personal effects covered for up to € 2,500 premium-free, (higher sums by agreement possible).
  • Trailer and cradles covered for up to € 1,500 premium-free, (higher sums by agreement possible).

YACHT-POOL covers your legal liabilities as an owner comprehensively and, of course, the policy extends the liabilities of anyone else on board your yacht with your permission as a guest or as your unpaid crew.

  • All third party claims are “deductible-free”.
  • Cover for water pollution.
  • Optional: An extension to cover your liabilities, as a personal owner, when you are using a borrowed or chartered yacht.
    We offer you here the YACHT-POOL skippers third party liability insurance.

Please note that the homepage can only offer you a short overview of our yacht insurance product. To receive an individual offer for your yacht or motorboat, contact us directly.

We also offer insurance coverage for boats used for commercial purposes (charter boats) and other. If you use your boat for charter, please mark the field “commercial use” in your quotation request.

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