Charter cancellation insurance


Skipper cancellation is covered

Charter cancellation is also covered. It means that, if skipper has to cancel the trip (because of illness etc.), all crew members may cancel, too, and receive their money back.

Deductible is optional

You can choose to insure yourself with a small deductible, or without one.

Extra costs for flights insured

If you have to return home during your charter trip, the insurance covers for the extra travel costs.
What are the benefits of a cancellation insurance?

Chartering a boat is a costly pleasure. Everything has to be booked in advance some months before the trip starts. During this time, anything may happen. Also during the trip itself, certain situations may require you to return home as soon as possible. With travel cancellation insurance,  travel cancellation expenses and the costs for a trip termination are reimbursed to all named persons participating in the cruise. The insurance period begins the next day after the insurance contract is signed and lasts till the end of the journey. Air fares, as well as additional bookings (hotel accommodations between the trip and arrival/departure) may be covered upon request. In this way, if you or your crew are unable to partake in the previously booked trip due to severe accidental injuries and severe illnesses, you can, at least, recover the money you had paid for your holiday.

Our travel cancellation insurance does not only come into effect if your health is restricted. Unforeseen events which make a travel termination necessary just as, for example, fire or break-in in your apartment, are also covered.

Other Skipper Insurance Products

We also have other insurance products for professional skippers, which provide a wide scope of protection.

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