Proskipper charter loss insurance


Contractual insurance

Claims arising from the financial loss of the charter company are also covered, even if you have agreed to pay for them in the contract.

Insured sum € 30.000,-

The period of insurance lasts several weeks.


Free extension!

If you cannot return the boat due to an accident or hospitalization, we cover the financial loss of the boat owner. The same goes for heavy weather conditions – 7 Bft and above. Both without deductible!

What are the benefits of charter consequential loss insurance?

There is a risk that you cause damage to the chartered vessel, with the result that it will be unavailable for the next charter booked. Such a damage may lead to a claim of the boat owner to reimburse the profits lost due to the damages you caused. This kind of claims is based on civil law and/or contract provisions.

The consequential damages insurance for charters covers legitimate claims arising from the loss of charter business counting from the fourth day of the subsequent charter and up to € 30,000.

With this cover, you can charter any boat anywhere, and as often and for as long as you want – worldwide!



Our competitor’s products available on the market that include consequential damages insurance in the skipper’s liability insurance differ significantly from ours. The cover they offer is only limited to follow-up costs you are legally obliged to pay by the laws of the country in question (General Liability Insurance Conditions (AHB) ).

Because this is not enough for the charter companies in many cases, there is sometimes an agreement in the terms and conditions of the charter contract to the effect that the charteree must pay the costs of consequential damages he has incurred (thus the legal requirement may be replaced by a private contractual agreement).

Other Skipper Insurances

We have also other insurance products for professional skippers, which provide a wide scope of protection.

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