Jet ski insurance


Jet ski 3rd party liability insurance

We offer a 3rd party liability insurance up to € 10 million.

Hull insurance

We offer a named risks cover for your jetski.

Claim service

In case of damage, we will provide you assistance and guidance with YACHT-POOL standard.

Jetskis are the most interesting pleasure crafts on the water regarding maneuverability, speed, and fun. If you’re a lucky owner of such water “motorcycle”, it is important to have a good insurance, which protects you in case of a damage.
Due to the size and speed of a jet ski, any miscalculated wave may quickly lead to an accident.

YACHT-POOL offers a tailor-made insurance coverage. We also provide you the possibility to purchase insurance online through a payment system. After payment, you will receive your policy within around 30 minutes. Terms and conditions, and the link to the application form can be found below.

Jet ski third party liability insurance *

We cover the following:

  • personal legal liability of the owner and other people authorized to operate the insured jetski.
  • The legal liability for pecuniary damage from claims, which occurred during the effective insurance period.
  • The legal liability of the insured person for direct or indirect consequences of changes of the physical, chemical or biological nature of water, including groundwater (water pollution)
    Please note: You own liability is limitless. In other words, if you cause damage to a third party it does not matter if you have enough money or assets to pay to the aggrieved party.

Jet ski hull insurance *

We cover the following:

  • Insurance cover is valid on water as well as ashore, including the landing and launching.
  • Insurance coverage for road and sea transport.
  • Risks covered: collision, grounding, stranding, sinking, fire, explosion, theft, vandalism, force majeure, lightning strike.
  • In the case of total loss: replacement of the time value (time value insurance)
  • In the case of a partial damage: acquisition of 100 % of the repair costs
  • Elimination of the deductible in case of theft (if included), if the jet ski is equipped with a GPS / GSM transponder or was in a closed building.

* Please note: This information only provides examples of the main points of our insurance coverage, which is subject to various general and specific terms and conditions. You may obtain these terms and conditions from YACHT-POOL. We will always include these terms and conditions in any offer or policy we send you.


Documents and application form

Jet ski insurance terms and conditions

Jet ski insurance application form (with automatic insurance policy and payment) – not for every jet ski available

Jet ski insurance – request a quotation

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