Skipper accident insurance


Disability covered

Insure yourself and your crewmembers up to € 800.000,-. The sum insured is being devided into the number of crew members.

Death covered

We insure death of each crewmember for a total of € 20.000,-

Rescue covered

Personal rescue is covered up to € 60.000,-.

The Accident Insurance covers the accidents suffered by the skipper or the skipper and the crew (based on crew list). In the event of injury, the sum insured will be divided among the registered persons. If the skipper is insured separately, he will be entitled to the full insured sum.

Why is skipper accident insurance policy worth buying?


  • Because, irrespective of one’s own or other persons’ culpability, it covers the costs arising from accidents (disability and temporary consequences of accidents), in accordance with terms and conditions.
  • Because liability insurance cover is not applicable if there is no culpability.
  • Because even if there is culpability, the liability insurance cover is not applicable if the injured party happens to be a family member.
  • Because accidents can be extremely costly when you can make practically no use of other persons’ liability insurance (foreign countries!).
  • Because in the event of disability, the financial consequences can threaten one’s livelihood.
  • Because standard accident insurance policies may not cover “forms of sport which are liable to involve danger” (this includes offshore sailing).
  • Because we cover also the rescue costs if the skipper decides to call mayday. Other insurances do not cover this risk – the indemnification is only paid if the damage actually occurred.
  • Because the coverage for costs of rescue as provided for in standard accident insurance policies, i.e. in the amount of several thousand euros only, may not be enough for blue-water sailing. Our skipper’s accident insurance policy covers all injuries sustained by the insured parties while operating a yacht, in compliance with the General Terms and Conditions of Accidents and the Special Terms and Conditions.


The skipper accident insurance policy also pays out even if no one has actually suffered an injury, i.e. when you are in distress at sea and need to call for help to prevent an accident from happening. Rescue costs for distress at sea are reimbursed up to €60,000, depending on the insured sum which has been selected, even if no one has been injured (unlike standard accident insurance policies).


These gaps in insurance cover are often underestimated. Most people are unaware that a rescue helicopter can cost up to € 16,000 per hour, and that the rescue costs offered by standard insurance companies (a few thousand euros) may be completely insufficient. Unlike in our insurance, there may be no payment if no actual accident happened and all persons involved have been rescued successfully.

But we cover the costs even in cases like that !!

The skipper accident insurance policy is valid worldwide!

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